where the streets are paved in gold

there was a popular myth that in the US the streets were paved with gold, all one had to do was go there to harvest it. while not strictly true, the post-industrial economy produces so much product there is a corresponding rise in the amount of waste. some of that waste is worth something, it depends on what you do with it, from collecting cans to making quilts out of fabric scraps, to fixing broken things, not to mention the huge rise in used goods selling online. there is gold in the streets after all.


we began our career at the flea market by needing to downsize excess items in our personal collections. it proved so satisfying that eight years later, we are still here; and now we shop for a living.  managing these collections is both a joy and a curse, there are always more objects than space in which to sell them. it was a natural to create this mini shop of vintage and handmade items offered directly to our larger public. click on the shop link to see our categories so far.


we are open to feedback so let us know how you feel. pedrolandia(at)gmail(dot)com