The Street of Gold is an online repository for artist Peter Cole.  I have been an avid forager, making things from other things for a long time. At seven, I planned to drive around the USA in a Winnebago RV selling walnut shell boats, with little decks and masts made of flat toothpicks.


Once passionate about junk culture, accumulation, piles and layers of age, detritus, and shifting additions over time, I am no longer passionate about it.  It seems not enough to speak about the ills of accumulation by accumulating.  It seems relevant to not speak at all.


Now I work as a scenic carpenter for the TV and film industry, turning a fantastic amount of previously-living tree materials into temporary sets that will be inhabited, filmed and thrown away. The waste aspect of it is somewhat depressing, but it is an enormous economic engine that supports a large skein of humans.



I feel that making a living with my hands to be a direct corollary to that Winnebago dream.  It's different of course, but I didn't fall far from the tree.

the latest work:  108 ambulances

Here are 108 stones that were more round than the other stones on the beach in Waterford, Coneecticut

I am excited to present my latest book, Foraged Art, in collaboration with Leslie Jonath.  Click on the ferns to see more/order.