jarka cole and peter cole

the street of gold reflects their practice as urban gleaners, a process of claiming clothing and objects from the waste stream and bringing them back into useful circulation.


jarka grew up under fashion-starved communist rule in Czechoslovakia, so every clothing period holds a measure of fascination and potential value, and nothing goes to waste.  her collections of clothes present an eclectic, wearable mix of styles and ages. mixed into vintage are also pieces of her own manufacture, usually made by reworking existing garments. She also works in wardrobe for the film and television industry.


peter says: at seven, I planned to drive around america in a Winnebago selling walnut shell boats, with little decks and masts made of flat toothpicks.  I feel that making a living with my hands to be a direct corollary to that Winnebago dream.

We are excited to present peter's latest book, Foraged Art, in collaboration with Leslie Jonath.  Click on the ferns to see more/order.