Burdens,  2023

Ballast,  2023

The Pickup.  2020


most of elementary school I revelled in being a hobo, continually ready to run, able to dress as dirtltily as I felt. At 14 or 15 I wore a real pumpkin over my head, a trial by dripping punky humidity and slippery weight. At one art party I covered my face and head with an elaborate mask complete with burning oil lamp, but on one talked to me because I could not be seen. this loneliness gave way to an enormous cowboy hat made of brown cardboard, which everyone but myself photographed to their satisfaction. charlie's cowgirl was so eclipsed that year by the hat that I offered her the premiere of the iGod 7 in 2014.

museum of arts and design studio residency, Fall 2014

Big Hanky

maker faire september 2013

this bird was a real crowd pleaser. from about 2005-6
the right hand side of the installation
two other favorites
agreeable trees
"cathedral" in zinc, and "yes, now" in lost wax cast bronze. 2012-13
"the king of string". pretty clearly a self portrait
fragments of "list II", a collection of framed lists, photos and streetfound detritus
the left hand side of the installation
"traveller" and "wurlitzer", with "sup sip sop" above, a piece made with a dymo labeller, featuring a very long string of words about very short things
a visitor stealing "powerful bart"'s soul. a common occurrence over the two day run of the faire
fragment of an early text-based installation

new work-now older

allen wrench bowl, 12" x 14" x 6" high
wrench bowl, steel, 10" high, 21' across maximum
joy, for nancy shelby, chiseled zinc, 9" wide
wiggle, for zane shelby, about 9" wide


I call this series of dis- and re-embodied figures Transplants. they are simple but fascinating, both playful and deep. They are usually mounted on a small steel or wood base.

leo, rubber body and stuffed head, 9" h, 950-

rubber and plastic, about 9" high, 950- ea
leo and quack

piper  wooden body and ceramic head, 7" h, 700-

gunner, ceramic head, rubber body, 5" h, $375-

direct line, plastic body and rubber head, 4 1/8" h, 375-
mouse soldier, lead body and ceramic head, steel base, 3 3/4" h, 375-

fragger, metal body and rubber head, 4 1/8" h 375-

the ox, plastic body and head, steel base, 2 5/8" h 325-

blues, plastic body and rubber head, steel base, 4 3/8" h, 375-

double piety, plastic body and clay head, steel base, 4" h, 375-