found photographs

I began to collect other people's photographs while living in San Francisco in the early 1990's.  They were generally cheaply available at the flea markets, and I soon had so many I began to cut them up and make artwork.  I cut them into circles and gathered them into folding books with titles like "Peter's little book of Gestures and Glances" or "Peter's little book of Stoops and Stairs."  I have stopped cutting them up, and keep them organized in an antique herbalist's chest, where the labels on the boxes read evocative things like "pleurisy root", "wormwood" and "wahoo bark".  there are numerous categories, some edited collections of which are presented here. click on each photo for the collection.


well it seems I scanned these in the wrong format, and can't get them as large as I would like.  so I will tease you with this single photograph of a man in a most unguarded moment.  perhaps a bit undignified, but I am sure we all look absurd most of the time we are asleep.


women and wheels

postcard size

isolated people


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