since I make things out of other things, and they live in space, I call it sculpture, even as it functions as a lamp, or bowl.


at seven, while homeschooled that year, I wrote an essay that outlined clearly my future studio as an artist. I described the tables and areas for various disciplines, requiring five separate rooms, and even specified that I would have two children (boys), and that my wife would "do the reptiles". I later planned to drive around america in a Winnebago selling walnut shell boats, with little decks and masts of flat toothpicks.  I had a passion for lighthouses, also making them in toothpicks, and learned that an ancestor had been appointed keeper of all the lights and beacons in Connecticut by George Washington. I feel that making and selling objects at the flea market to be a direct corollary to that Winnebago dream.

this was painted for a show at spring3d gallery. the text is a collection of fictionalized band names made up as I painted, among them the half-caf nitwits, cloud nineteen and buzzkiller. 24 inches in diameter.

when we moved to our present apartment, I made this to celebrate our new space.  at six feet wide, it shouts out daily in our living room.  made of chiseled zinc with a steel armature.

the endless rolling wave.  a mobius strip chiseled from brooklyn aluminum siding.  about 18 inches wide. hangs or sits. 

copper word piece created and donated to raise money for Juliet after a motorcycle accident
faith, a mobius strip chiseled from aluminum siding. about 18 inches wide. hangs or sits.

linger/quiver chiseled aluminum, about 24" w x 8 1/2" h

this, a mixed media collection of thought balloons, first shown at Spring art + design, Dumbo, Brooklyn. about 40 inches square as installed.

this, detail, aluminum siding with traces of vines

vapor, thought balloons cut from wood and aluminum signs, about 36 inches square, as installed.

thrive. chiseled from zinc and mounted on pegs off the wall

bird about, 9" w x 6" h, excluding base. objects, feathers, metal and mixed media on wood pedestal.

gumball, gum on porcelain, about five inches long, 2004-8