in early 2011 San Francisco artist Brian Goggin asked me to collaborate on preserve24, a 6000 square foot restaurant and bar in New York City's Lower East Side. The art installations spring from a mythic expedition that has yet to happen, a voyage under sail to harvest a block of ancient glacial ice from Greenland, and return with it to be preserved and displayed in an advanced refrigerator within the restaurant.

as head of creative construction, I was responsible for sourcing materials, objects & lighting, translating designs, drawings and ideas into reality, art direction of a large team of artisans and craftspeople through the entire process, with lots of invention along the way.


the restaurant is now closed, due to financial mismanagement on all sides, as well as multiple structural deficiencies in the original buildings.  for more images, please see 



the main entrance is on allen street
a large ice block hangs from tongs over our rustic steel awning
the ice block installation: artist brian goggin at left, with drew feuer
the current view just inside the allen entrance. this is the diorama bar